5 Things Any Congregation Can Do to Care for Others

5 Things Any Congregation Can Do to Care for Others

By: Jason Cusick

Publication date: March 2013
SKU: 9780898277982

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In our age of brokenness and hurt, the Christian church is called to come alongside people with the life-giving Gospel of Christ. Unfortunately, many churches assume that well-intentioned Christians not only know how to do this, but are actually doing it. Such is not the case. Pastors, lay leaders, and church members will find in this simple resource, ideas that empower and train people to minister to one another. This book equips and encourages believers to continue Christ's call to care for others.

Cusick offers practical guidance for every believer on ministering to the needs of others. Readers will be equipped to comfort the hurting, assist the needy, offer recovery for the addicted, encourage the aged, and provide spiritual care training for everyone.

Pages: 96
Language: English
Publisher: Wesleyan Publishing House
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