Challenges That Transform Your Soul

By: Steve DeNeff

Publication date: September 2014
SKU: 9780898279276
ISBN: 9780898279276
Subject: Spiritual Growth

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SoulShift coauthor Steve DeNeff reveals to both the young and veteran in faith how soul-growing transformations happen only as God breaks through spiritual hardness. These moments are life's "fault lines", and they are periods of great upheaval—always disruptive, always unfair, always troublesome, but not always bad. When life beneath our feet is moving and shaking, it must end in one of only two ways—to make us better or make us worse. God alone can shift souls for the better.

FaultLines Church Resource Kit coming in January 2015.

Steve DeNeff is senior pastor of College Wesleyan Church in Marion, Indiana. He has more than thirty-five years of pastoral experience and travels as a conference speaker and leadership trainer. He is the author of More Than Forgiveness and 7 Saving Graces and coauthor of the best-selling SoulShift (WPH).

Pages: 192
Language: English
Publisher: Wesleyan Publishing House
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