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By: Jason Cusick

Publication date: December 2010
SKU: 9780898276084
Subject: Love & Marriage

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Love. The word is used so many ways that it has virtually lost any meaning. Many people are skeptical that there is such a thing as true, lasting love. But what if we've simply forgotten an ancient, time-tested approach for making love last? Or worse, what if we've set it aside as somehow not worth the effort? In Love3: Three Essentials for Making Love Last, Jason Cusick reveals three ancient principles for building a loving relationship that lasts--whether you're dating, engaged, newly married, rebuilding, or starting over again. Filled with engaging stories, practical advice, and real-life wisdom, Love3 shows how you can have true love that lasts a lifetime. Anyone who is looking to build or re-build a lasting love relationship will want to read this book, whether alone or with their partner. Pastors and counselors can keep a supply on hand to offer to people who are working through relationship issues.

Language: English
Publisher: Wesleyan Publishing House
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