A Pastor's Guide for the Shadow of Depression

A Pastor's Guide for the Shadow of Depression

By: Gary H. Lovejoy, PhD

Publication date: June 2014
SKU: 9780898278316

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Pastors face unique challenges and unrealistic expectations that can lead to feelings of failure, deep sadness, and depression. Too often they feel no one understands, as if there’s nowhere to turn.

In this book, Dr. Gary Lovejoy comes alongside pastors to help them recognize when they may be depressed so they can find help and make needed changes. Even more, Dr. Lovejoy identifies assertive ways pastors can address critical issues before the shadows begin to envelop them.

Depression is a warning sign that won’t simply go away on its own. Every pastor should read this guide, even if they’ve never felt depressed. It may be the lifeline you need at a critical time.

Pages: 96
Language: English
Publisher: Wesleyan Publishing House
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