SoulShift: The Measure of a Life Transformed

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SoulShift: The Measure of a Life Transformed

By: Steve DeNeff, David Drury

Publication date: June 2011
SKU: 9780898275995
Subject: Spiritual Growth
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We want to be different, but we don't want to change. Our attempts at spiritual formation and growth are consistently sabotaged by our surface efforts that never quite get to the root of the problem. We think we know what we're supposed to do, but we're not quite sure who we're supposed to be on the other side of transformation.
In SoulShift, Steve DeNeff and David Drury offer an approach to spiritual transformation which focuses less on measuring how much time we are spending on spiritual inputs—such as Bible study and prayer—and more on measuring who we are becoming in Christ. Christians at any stage of life will experience a fresh beginning in following Jesus. You will learn about seven key transformational shifts that occur in the minds, hearts, and behaviors of every true follower of Christ. And you will receive practical help for bringing about these shifts in your own life. Let Christ free you from guilt-driven spirituality to experience the measure of a life transformed. SoulShift: The Measure of a Life Transformed will be followed by a series of companion Bible studies and a church resource kit that will enable pastors to implement SoulShift as a whole-church program.

Pages: 192
Language: English
Publisher: Wesleyan Publishing House
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