The Way of Holiness: Experience God's Work in You

The Way of Holiness: Experience God's Work in You

By: Steve DeNeff

Publication date: April 2012
SKU: 9780898276879
Subject: Spiritual Growth

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Christians searching for meaningful spiritual formation often find themselves walking a spiritual path of winding roads and confusing intersections. Fortunately, there is a pathway with no dead-ends that leads to a life of living and serving like Jesus.

In his powerful book, The Way of Holiness, author Steve DeNeff guides you to a full understanding of life as Jesus intended. Along the way, he: 
  • Exposes false assumptions and detours to holiness; 
  • Examines stages of spiritual growth and decisions in holiness; and 
  • Encourages living an authentic and practical life of holiness.
  • Discover and experience God's work in you!
Language: English
Publisher: Wesleyan Publishing House
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