The Witness of Jesus

The Witness of Jesus

Thirty Days of Deeper Devotion in John

By: Kenneth Schenck

Publication date: September 2014
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Discover What Jesus Wants His Disciples to Know about Himself

The people of Israel were looking for a great king who would announce God's forgiveness and restore his kingdom to Israel. While he didn't say much publicly about his true identity, Jesus had a great deal to say about his role and function in the kingdom of God.

Join New Testament scholar Kenneth Schenck as he reflects deeply on the signs and symbols of Jesus' ministry recorded in the gospel of John that announced his claim to be the long- awaited Messiah.

Based on the solid scholarship found in Schenck’s two books, Jesus—The Mission and Jesus—Portraits from the Gospels, The Witness of Jesus provides thirty days of in-depth devotions on Jesus' messianic claims, including his "I Am" statements, his dramatic signs, and more. Each devotion will challenge you to engage, examine, and explore another aspect of Jesus' witness and then take it to God in prayer.

Kenneth Schenck is academic dean and professor of New Testament and Christian ministry at Wesley Seminary in Marion, Indiana. Dr. Schenck is the author of several books, including God's Plan Fulfilled, Paul—Messenger of Grace, Paul—Soldier of Peace, and Paul—Prisoner of Hope.

Pages: 112
Language: English
Publisher: Wesleyan Publishing House
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