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1 & 2 Corinthians
A Commentary for Bible Students
Author: Kenneth Schenck
5 Things Any Congregation Can Do to Care for Others
Author: Jason Cusick
7 Saving Graces: Living Above the Deadly Sins
Author: Steve DeNeff
A Different Kind of Crazy
Living the Way Jesus Lived
Author: Lawrence W. Wilson
Can't Wait for Sunday
Leading Your Congregation in Authentic Worship
Author: J. Michael Walters
Communicate to Change Lives
in person and print
Author: James N. Watkins
Here Today, There Tomorrow: Unleashing Your Church's Potential
Author: Gary L. McIntosh
Holiness for Ordinary People: 25th Anniversary Edition
Author: Keith Drury
Holy and Human
Overcoming spiritual struggles to live a holy life
Author: Earle L. Wilson
Hope in the Midst of Loss
Author: Beth Weikel